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A recent B.C. poll shows that a majority of this province's residents disagree with the Air India ruling. No shit. What makes this finding remarkable is the way the question was phrased:

As you may know, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict the two defendants charged with the Air-India bombings of 1985. Over all, would you say you agree or disagree with the court's decision to find the defendants not guilty on all charges?

Victoria lawyer Michael Mulligan expressed concern over the poll, questioning how any right-thinking person could conclude, in an absence of evidence, that the accused were guilty. The key to that question is "right-thinking person." Clearly the majority, at least of those polled, do not consider evidence to be an essential part of criminal trials. As reality TV has indicated, people are more than willing to pass judgment on others based on a half-hour, heavily edited show. The careful reader might point out that there's very little correlation between a Supreme Court decision and, say, America's Top Model, to which I would respond: not in the eyes of some.

One only has to look at The Province's letter section for a sampling of the level of cognition some people in B.C. apply to thorny problems. Kids failing in school? Keep them there longer! Police tell us not to defend ourselves? Fuck them, we'll all learn kung fu! The guy was Chinese? Ban immigration! The guy was white? Ban immigration!

Fuck this province. I'm moving to Sweden.


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