You can't spell fornication without friction

Whenever the actions of our neighbours to the south seem totally inexplicable, just remember this little factoid: seven states, including Florida, still prohibit cohabitation. It is illegal for a man and woman to live together without being married; break this law and you could face up to 60 days in prison.

Now you might think, Sure this is still a law, but no law enforcement officer would ever charge someone with it. And you would be wrong.

In North Carolina a 40 year-old police dispatcher has been told by her sheriff that she must either move home, get married, or quit her job, after he found out that she was living with her boyfriend.

"This is sort of like a double barrel," he told Star-News Wilmington. "It is a violation of general statute, and it goes against something that I believe - it is a moral issue ... Personally and morally, I think it's best to be married if you're going to be living together."


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