How about ice fishing?

With the news that London had won the 2012 Olympics came this distressing report - baseball and softball will be phased out after 2008. Set to replace them are two of five possible sports - rugby, golf, karate, squash, or roller sports. I'm sorry - roller sports? What in the name of Brad Pitt is a roller sport? The IOC cited the fact that relatively few countries play baseball, and that Cuba and America had dominated the medals. So basically the IOC means that few European nations play the sport, because last time I checked it was pretty popular in Asia and South America.

The news reminded me of something I wrote during the whole 2010 Vancouver kerfuffle, and I found it on the old blog. Mr. Peabody - set the wayback machine to February 13, 2003.

2010 Olympic Backer Tired of How Much People Hate Children


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