Pocket Rockets for the Lord

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I need these chips in a huge, HUGE way. There's no way around it - I must have them. Even better, Karusso, the site that sells them, also sells "edgy" Christian wear with the motto...wait for it...

"Change your shirt. Change the world."

Oh baby. Because when Jesus was nailed to a piece of wood he specifically instructed his followers to buy clothing featuring his name used in clever ways.

My two favourites:

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I love the pressure Christians put on girls not to form any meaningful relationships with boys. (Naturally "relationships" with girls is gross. Feeling on each other's titty balls - ugh). Apparently you just wait until it's time to get married, and suddenly everything will fall into place.

However, these chips are definitely brilliant.

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At 11:34 AM, Anonymous dave said...

you have to buy those chips. you have to. no way around it. we need those chips in our game.


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