I love all people

From Bill Simmons recent running diary of the Houston/Boston basketball game:

9:42 -- Coming out of commercial, we see a replay of Yao's finger getting bent back on a rebound and Yao screaming in pain, followed by Gorman reporting that Yao went to the locker room to get it checked out, then Tommy joking, "That was his chopstick finger, too, he may not be able to eat anymore!" and Gorman changing the subject as fast as humanly possible. (The lesson, as always: It's never dull when anyone older than 70 is allowed near a microphone during a sporting event.)

I can't wait for the "hey, he DOES use chopsticks, doesn't he?" responses.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, he DOES use chopsticks doens't he?????


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