To Coin a Phrase

A few of my favourite case quotes:

"...tyranny, bad as it is, is better than anarchy, and the worst of governments is more tolerable than no government at all."

"...residential development presses relentlessly on the surviving descendants of a forested past."

"A photograph her husband carries in his wallet indicates she was an attractive woman despite her weight...."

"I am content to reach a conclusion which reeks of simplicity..."

"Surely, unless language is used to conceal thought, this is an offer."

"A person does not give notice in writing to another person by sitting down and writing it out and then telephoning to that other saying, 'Listen to what I have just written.'"

"This caused at the time some eyebrows to be raised in high places. But they have been lowered since."

In other news:

"The idea is to do something naughty like wild-postings to disrupt the neat environment of Singapore and stay in line with the street-feel of this LeBron James basketball campaign," Nike spokeswoman Ann Kositchotitana said in a statement.

It's nice when an American company goes overseas to piss all over another country's laws and standards. It's even nicer when that company has such eloquent people speaking for it. In return, I think Singapore should send a couple of its officials to Nike head office to give Ann Kositchotitana (if that is her real name. C'mon!) the caning of her life. What's more "street" than a beat down?

Do American company's look at Asia and think: Suckers! How else could McDonalds trademark I Am Asian?


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