Coldplay Day 3

Today's track: Coldplay - Fix You

Today's Review: Swallowed In the Sea

The Tyee is running a bad teen poetry contest, and I entered some doozies. Granted, I picked the ones I thought were the least embarassing, so I probably won't win. Chris Martin also writes bad teenage poetry, the big difference being about 20 million albums sold. Fate - she's a fickle bitch goddess. Here we find Martin and Co. trading rhyming couplets for the craziness of ... rhyming triplets! The song builds in trademark Coldplay fashion, featuring some of the synthesizers that Jon Buckland apparently picked up after the last album. Here's betting some of this gold makes its way into the annuals of emotionally sensitive teenagers at the end of this month:

You cut me down a tree
And brought it back to me
And that's what made me see
Where I was going wrong

The song itself is not so bad, but it has the same drumbeat from In My Place and yet another three note guitar shape. And the lyrics....

You cut me down to size
And opened up my eyes
Made me realize
What I could not see

To which I respond with some genuine 1992 grade 10 magic:

Twas a night most dark and dreary
Stumbling home most drunk and weary
Fell upon the Book of Kells
Wrought with iron nails from hell

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