You like Bush erection?

I was going to post a third Coldplay track, but this is just too funny. From SFGate.com:

It was meant to be funny — but no one is laughing now in the San Francisco 49ers' front office over an in-house training film that featured off- color racial jokes, lesbian porn, a spoof of gay marriage and a trio of buxom, topless blondes frolicking with team public relations director Kirk Reynolds.

What kind of funny you ask? How about this kind!

"49ers love being in community. Very patriotic . . . support president and his George Bush erection."

"Erection?" Reynolds asks.

"Yes," the Chinese man responds. "It say, 'You like Bush — then you like his erection.'

"My name is Suck Hung,'' the Chinese man says as he's leaving. "My brother's name is Suck Young — my whole family suck."


Catch the rest of the comedy here.


At 3:55 PM, Blogger Lawyerlike said...

What the hell was this man thinking. In a day and age when sex tapes are public domain, what chance did he think he'd have in keeping this private?


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