At least it's not "eating a chinaman"

"anti-coldplay" - YES!

"eating with a chinaman" - er...is that some kind of service? I would pay good money to be able to see the people doing these searches.


On top of writing about law school and finally providing a link to yours truly, Ryan also has pretty good taste in music. By which I mean he often agrees with me. Ahem. Here are two bands Ryan will be talking about in the coming months.

Wolf Parade

Feted by Pitchfork, housed on Sub Pop, and friends with Arcade Fire - this band has all the makings of being a Ryan favourite. Look for an entry around the fall when they're set to release a full length, and catch some sweet tracks on soulseek while you're waiting. Set to become the "Canadian indie sensation of the moment" (on the heels of Stars, BSS, and the aforementioned Fire.)

Be Your Own Pet

The kind of band I wanted to start in high school, with at least one member just out of the eleventh grade, BYOP also features a bass player with a bitching fro, and a lead singer with an awesome trust fund name (Jemima Pearl).

Finally, the Internet Archive has Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space available to download. The site is also a great source of live recordings.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Lawyerlike said...

I'll give these a whirl and let you know. But holy crap does that "great" new Sufjan Stevens album suck. So unlistenable.


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