Britney Spears - DFA Demo

Regular readers of this site will know my dream of receiving a cease and desist letter for posting downloadable material. In vain have I hosted music and television shows, only to be ignored by the powers that be.

About four days ago a purportedly unreleased Britney Spears track began surfacing on mp3 blogs, and in about 24 hours every link to the offending track was removed (although a google search will lead you to a Spanish language forum with a working YouSendIt link). Blog aggregator Hype Machine still has the song available, but you can only listen to it.

I think we all know where this is going - the track is produced by DFA (basically LCD Soundsystem). It was rejected by the record company, allegedly, for being "too hip." Mention goes out to The Prettiest Pony, Said the Gramaphone, and Stereogum for breaking the story. So you know what to do people - ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD THIS SONG. (It's actually pretty good in a Neptune-ish way).

Britney Spears - DFA Demo


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