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Another amazing trip to Las Vegas, tempered by some sorrowful news. The Boardwalk Deli, home to some of the GREATEST MINI BURGERS OF ALL TIME, is being torn down to make way for some Wynn-like monstrosity. Many of the free or cheap and cool aspects of Vegas are slowly being phased out - eventually Old Downtown will be the only place to find that ol' Vegas charm.

In memory of those delicious burgers, I present this video of Lani devouring one of her masterpieces.

This trip marked a few firsts for me - first time playing poker in a casino, and first time taking money from Las Vegas. I like them both, a lot. Taking money from Vegas, enough money to actually cover the trip and then some, is sweeeeeeet. The poker game at the Imperial Palace isn't the most luxurious, but the $100 max buy in keeps the skill level low, and some of the players were such obvious newbs it hurt. But the game also featured some incredibly nice and funny people - special mention goes to Big "That's a good hand sir" Tony and Joe from Chicago. The dealers were charming, the finger sandwiches kind of gross, and the Baileys hot chocolate kept my mood up when I was losing. Kick came in and played his first hold 'em game, quickly establishing himself as a table favourite by throwing money around and calling bets down to the river. He even managed to win a few hands.

Lani was a trooper this trip, taking our money and playing almost all of the craps for us. Every day we'd give her our bankrolls and at the end of the day she'd return them with more money. Exactly the way it works for everyone in Vegas - no one ever loses.

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Reading break anyone?

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Always keep the hundreds on the outside of the roll.

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New Year's at the Bellagio - not a bad way to ring in 2006.


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