Before the law makes criminals of you....yes, you!

As some of you might know, proposed changes to the Copyright Act look to crack down on all this illicit file "sharing" being conducted on the Information Superhighway (politicians discussing technology is just laughable). But since that hasn't happened yet, why not enjoy some tracks from the new Beck album, Guerolito.

As a side note, a certain young whippersnapper and I had an argument about whether or not this new Beck album was actually a remix album. Now, being that the early 90's were my formative years, a remix to me means a re-working of a track, involving the splicing and dicing and other Ginsu related activities of the original. For the tyke, who I think was born when the current Bush took power, a remix is taking any element of an original and adding something to it. As a result, this album, which seems to only take the vocal tracks from the original songs and add totally new music, is a remix album for him but not for me. I don't doubt that his view is the more populist, in the same way that "terrible" no longer means "exciting extreme alarm" but rather "kinda crummy."

Also, here's Ryan Adams' new album in its entirety. I figure, the less of you who buy it, the more likely he'll become impoverished and stop making music. (I kid!)

(Beck tracks right click to "save as"; Adams album is megaupload)

Beck - Heaven Hammer (Air)

Beck - Shake Shake Tambourine (Ad-rock)

Beck - Scarecrow (El-P)


Ryan Adams - 29


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