Oh Guile you naughty boy


That's right - violence wins! The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of BC made his ruling, and it was for violence. In tonight's Guile Debate, Katie "The Slaughter" Seymour and Thomas "Shadow Puppet" Wong (that's me), took it down big style.

Special mention goes to Ryan for all his help with my speech - the Hamlet bit was entirely his idea. Another special mention goes to the rim shot guy (on the left) for being so freakin' cool.

I must say, the opposition put up a stiff fight with the far harder side of the debate. So well done to you, Matt and Steven. In fact, line of the night goes to Matt:

"My mom tried all the therapies to stop smoking. The patch, hypnosis, that one with the needles....oh yeah, heroin."

Here are some under exposed videos of the proceedings. If I can I might put the entire thing up here later on. Unfortunately I only managed to catch these three moments on my still camera - my video camera has the entire event.


At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before the event I joked about carving out extra floor space at the debate to roll on while laughing. Managed to contain myself for the most part but by the time the Whitney lyrics came out it was all over. Glad I was prepared.

That guy was right, stop your law studies this instant and start working the clubs. Double true.



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