The decade so truly over

Now that we're well into '06 I feel it's the appropriate time to take a glance back at the decade which will no doubt define me - the 90's. While the ghost of Kurt Cobain looms large over the era, I can't help but feel that his shadow overwhelms the many other significant musical contributions from that time. Let's get into the Wayback Machine and take a trip down my memory lane.

Collective Soul

Wrongly considered a poor man's Bon Jovi, who were themselves a poor man's Aerosmith, and often snubbed in favour of The Gin Blossoms (who?) or Better Than Ezra (what?), Collective Soul are probably my guiltiest of pleasures. I mean, I know their songs are unrelenting crap - incredibly mundane guitar chords, Hallmark-worthy lyrics, and a propensity for rocking back and forth while singing - but I don't care. Collective Soul's greatest crime was probably in being Creed before it was hugely popular to suck like Creed.

While most 90's revivalist stations and albums choose their debut record Shine, or the Empire Record's anthem Gel, I prefer Smashing Young Man for its wonderfully tame riff that somehow requires three guitars.

Collective Soul - Smashing Young Man

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock

I first heard this song at a grade eight dance that was apparently intended to ease my transition into high school. Instead it gave me an ulcer. Dancing? To hip hop? I naturally went out and bought the album the next day. It wasn't until many years later that I realized the sheer genius of this song; a few days ago I found the excellent jam sampled in the chorus.

Rob Base w/ DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two

Lyn Collins - Think About It

Naughty By Nature

Using a Michael Jackson song to rhyme about genitalia is totally inspired. It's like using an R. Kelly song to...rhyme about puppy love. At the time this song was released I was knee-deep in Pearl Jam and had no idea what this "urban" music was on about. Oh, how I know now. Down with OPP indeed, young squires.

Naughty By Nature - OPP

Mr. Big

Oh man. How much do I love this song? HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS SONG. This song is every grade 8 and 9 dance rolled into one big ending. Every grade 8 and 9 dance where I did not once dance. Bad hair! Bad sweaters! Pin-rolled jeans! LA Gear!

Mr. Big - To Be With You

This song I do not love as much, but the above applies.

Alias - More Than Words Can Say

Not to be confused with Extreme - More Than Words, the most over-exposed song ever to come from a half-assed hard rock group. (Who am I kidding, I love that one too.)

Take That

On Friday night, in a little restaurant in Gastown, the members of Banana Bread, aka Whitey and the Chinks, had its inaugural performance. There was Adam (the "bad" one), Drew (the "athletic" one), and Thom (the wuss). Backed by a full 40 watts of molar grinding power, they ripped through a stunning rendition of Take That's Back for Good, giving new meaning to the words "What are those people doing?"

All of this was in honour of Charlie's bday. So Charlie, this one's for you.

Take That - Back for Good


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