Best Thing Ever

I call a lot of things the Best Thing Ever (BTE). So after awhile I'm sure the phrase loses some of its punch, and it would be easy to dismiss the Rappers Delight Club as just one more thing Thomas is going on about.

But you do so to your detriment.

The Rappers Delight Club is the project of a man who works with elementary school children. Sean at Said the Gramaphone describes it so much better than I can. Basically it's kids rapping. And rapping really well. They sample Wes Anderson dammit.

"I'll be sizzlin' / like the chicken noodle soup / I sold more cookies / than your whole girlscout troop."

Oh hells yes.

So that I don't kill STG's bandwidth I'm hosting the song here. Listen, and get served.

Rappers Delight Club - Hum


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