Camp Awesome Commence

Camp Awesome officially started this week, and in honour of this I, the official Camp Awesome Chaplain, offer up this bit of knowledge.


The NO SNAG RULE. Simply put, NSR stands for never being caught out. As everyone knows, good things start from the ground up. So take heed of the shoes. Don't wrap your dawgs in rotten banana cream pie. NSR means that if you can't take a road trip to Seattle, you can still take one to Chilliwack for the pie. Pie is a common theme. NSR. Live it.

I further offer up the following ditty as the Chaplain's choice for Camp Awesome Theme Song. Since each member may pick his or her own theme, this is only mine. I will host any other theme songs that are suggested, creating...THE CAMP AWESOME THEME PLAYLIST. Crank it on the 'Pod or rip and burn to CD. Either way - get happy.

The Chaplain's Camp Awesome Theme Song:

Electric Light Orchstra - Mr. Blue Sky


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