Wayback Wednesday and the Future

"You're crazy like that glue/to think that you could outdo my one-two/that's sick like the flu."

What happened to you Craig Mack? In 1994 you were the first artist signed to Sean Comb's Bad Boy Entertainment; one year later you were nobody. For one summer you basically were hip hop, introducing the world to the Notorious B.I.G. Now you can't get credit on guest appearances. It's 2006 Craig Mack and no one knows who you are - but this song still makes me ridiculously happy.

Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear

"When I swing I'm far fetched like hicks from hicksville."

The future of hip hop will come from England. Mark my words - the British are coming for your rhythm.

Roots Manuva - Juggle Tings Proper (El-P Remix)


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