I doubt it

Watch Bright Eyes aka Conor Oberst perform When the President Talks to God on Leno. (thanks largeheartedboy)

At a Pokemon tournament (that's right, Pokemon tournament) over half of the contestants were over the age of 18. The winner? 20-year old Chris Darling - a history major at Florida University. Hmmm. A 20-year old, Pokemon champion named Darling. I bet he just kills with the ladies.

"My heart was beating so hard when I was battling," Darling said. "I expected myself to lose three times." Yet a last-second twist of fate and a move admittedly made in "desperation" helped Darling seal the victory.

The words shooting fish in a barrel come to mind.

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By far the strangest, most disturbing ad for a Slushee EVER.

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A pretty sweet comic about the joys of heroine addiction, circa 1966.

Hooked (thanks Screenhead)


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Ikyoto said...

One of my more geeky confessions is that I sometimes get an adrenaline rush while playing go. The thing that makes this utterly ridiculous is that my skill level is low enough that winning or losing is basically just luck.


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