So this is what it all comes down to....

School is over. Even now I can't believe it, mostly because the exams were possibly the worst I've ever written. I thought I would get at least a month cushion before I had to face the reality of grades, but apparently law school doesn't like gaps in seisin - we get them on May 13th. And if you don't get that seisin "joke" consider yourself lucky.

So here I sit, jobless and prospectless and more than likely top half of the class-less, and I'm too numb to pay attention. My mind is totally separated from my body. However, it is not so numb to realize that a summer sans employment will mean a school year eating Kraft Dinner. Not to mention the scorn of children everywhere.

My friend Vanessa Richmond wrote an article about teachers leaving the profession. It features yours truly.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger karysma7 said...

congrats for being done, though. i'm sure the numb feeling will wear off. . . and kraft dinners aren't sooooo bad. . .


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