Coldplay Day 4

Today's Track: Coldplay - Square One

Today's Review: Fix You

Dear Chris Martin - Phil Collins called; he wants his song back. Look, I know Clocks was a huge hit, but does every single song need to build from a slow burn to a stadium-sized anthem? I don't even know where to begin with this song - it's terrible. And guaranteed to be used in every movie trailer for the next year. "Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones." Say what? Jon Buckland - learn another...anything. Just do something else!

Goddamn these lyrics are worse than Jessica Simpson... Did I mention he sings the entire song in a pseudo-falsetto that occassionally wanders off key? He does. Oh, does he ever.

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Dude - why does this song suck so bad? 2/10


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Lawyerlike said...

I get it, I get it, you don't like the album. But who listens to Coldplay for lyrics anyway.

Review Little Ghost by the White Stripes. Best line: "I didn't expect a spectre" !!


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