Tom Cruise IS Willy Wonka.

Liam Lacey reveals, among other things, that Tom Cruise was 20th Century Fox's preferred choice for Edward Scissorhands. Which, considering current events, would have been inspired casting.

I love the American justice system, that sends a journalist to jail for not revealing her source but not the journalist who published the original story. Ah, the douchebag of liberty.

Apparently the space shuttles are simply too old for reliable space travel. Here's an idea: stop trying to get into space. Just stop. To quote David Cross, "Put a man on the moon? How about we put a man into an apartment, huh? How about that?"

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My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable.

Normally I wouldn't care about golf, but the whole "Is he back?" crapfest surrounding Tiger Woods is amazing. Jack Nicklaus won his last major in 1986 - at the age of 46. That gives Eldrick 17 years to win nine more and tie the Golden Bear. Clearly, everyone just wants Tiger to win because he's black.

Isn't that right Rush?

The UBC alumni list is actually pretty impressive.

And now for a little lawyer talk...

The company that owns the copyright to CoeXist, a symbolic representation of three major religious symbols, is suing Bono (see: Jesus Christ) for using it...to promote peace and understanding. Hey, they own the copyright, so why not? And Bono has the money. He hasn't been giving any of it to third world countries, has he?

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(Thanks to David Dylan Thomas' blog for the link, although I'm not sure it's really that ironic.)

These guys think the whole Live 8 thing is a sham.


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