Are those Queens in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

At Che's prompting I started a poker blog to chronicle the goings-on at the (hopefully) weekly poker game I'll be hosting. Or someone else will host. But weekly definitely. (Except on weeks when Lani doesn't work late.)

Anyway, the blog is All in 4 life; unsurprisingly "allin.blogspot.com" was taken - but not really used I notice.


Lani calls them whale music, and Radiohead list them as one of their favourite bands. Of course I am talking about Sigur Ros (you do know Sigur Ros, right?) Their new album Takk... is set to drop Sept. 13, so of course it's leaked over a month early.

Said the Gramaphone has a diagram for their last three albums and places this in the Pop/Glad camp. Still around is the Hopelandish, the high-pitched vocals, and the weird sounds. I give it More Than Your Average Intake of Milk.

Sigur Ros - Gong


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