Stop persecuting my right to persecute you

That Christians are now speaking of religious persecution isn't ironic - it's insane and woefully illogical. The only time that a Christian would be persecuted, or made to stop acting on his or her beliefs, would be when that same Christian was attempting to persecute someone else.

Gay marriage is a notable example of this phenomenon. A school counsellor, Dr. Chris Kempling, was recently suspended for voicing opposition to gay marriage. He has been described by supporters as follows: His concerns for the public policy issues are equally for the well-bring of people trapped in addiction to homosexual behaviour and for the protection of children who are already being unethically indoctrinated within Canada’s public (and some of the private) school systems. This same compassionate person would have us believe that it is religious persecution to tell him that he cannot speak out against gay marriage in the school setting.

In other words, it is all well and good for Christians to tell people that homosexuality is morally reprehensible, but not alright for anyone to tell them not to say that.

The wonderful Christian Heritage Party also tells us that "the definition of marriage was given by God long before He ordained civil government." Which is strange since every wedding in the Bible is secular.

Of course, if the Bible forbids same sex marriage, then I guess the State should crack down on all the other forbidden types of marriage.


At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earth to Tom:

Free speech is about being able to express ideas other people don't like without losing your job, being fined, etc. In Kempling's case, he ran into trouble not for opposing gay marriage in the classroom, but for writing letters to his local paper. (You might take the trouble to read about the case before you write about it.)

It's hard to imagine that even someone of "average intelligence" can't appreciate that there is something sinister about the state telling people what they can and can't say in their free time. (Maybe you should cinsider changing the name of you rblog.)

While I appreciate the fact that you might support gay marriage, don't you think that the decent thing to do is to work through the democratic system to win over the majority which opposes it rather than by trying to silence everyone you disagree with?

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Thomas said...

1. My blog is named after a legal case, not after my own fabulous intellect.

2. Free speech is not about being able to say whatever you like without worrying about losing your job. That is illogical in the extreme. Otherwise I could call my boss a douche all day and he wouldn't be able to do a thing.

3. Yes, the democratic process is best. But people who are against gay marriage are, in my humble opinion, fucktards.

4. Thanks for commenting, anonymous!


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