Jesus is the Lord...of Rock!

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I'm not sure who Harman Leon is (I'm sure a little research would reveal the answer, but I'm simply too lazy), but I am certain that him pretending to be a Christian speed metal guitarist, and then faking his way onto the Christian show Miracles Today is laugh out loud funny.

If all metal had lyrics this good, I think I might have become a fan:

And the sin goblins come,

And I smite them down

With the magical saber of Christ.

And he delivers me to salvation,

As we ride together on the back of a beautiful winged horse

Named Malachi.



Give your soul to the master!

Smite the evildoers. Smite them. Smite them.

Crush the skull of Satan! Crush it! Crush it!

The host has a fixed smile on her face; she looks mildly confused. I clarify my presentation: "Now picture those lyrics backed by a grinding, headbanging, speed-metal guitar."

"Then, can you even hear the lyrics?" she asks.

I pause. In a perfect Spinal Tap moment of self-realization, I reply, "Um, well, not really. No."

Headbanging for Jesus!

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Of course, this naturally leads to...Faith + 1! (.wav files)

Don't ever leave me Jesus

Gold album

You know Jesus, I've been thinking a lot about you lately


DZK - I found Jesus.

I wanna get down on my knees, and please Jesus
yes, cuz my man... Jesus needs it
get your salvation, all over my face


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