Thanks to the fabulous del.icio.us you can now play mp3 links directly on my blog, without navigating away from the page. There's only one way to celebrate this.

Of course it seems de rigeur on mp3 blogs to have a disclaimer about how the mp3s are for sampling only, and how if you like the music you should buy the album. I more or less agree with this sentiment, but really can't be bothered to put it up. So if you like the music, buy the album. You skivers.

Unfortunately, a lot of music made available online is virtually impossible to find in Vancouver. More and more I've been coming across interesting comsumer goods only to find they are unknown to BC retailers. This leads me to only one conclusion - we are living in a second class province.

The Happy Bullets - The Vice and Virtue Ministry

The Exploding Hearts - Throwaway Style

Eagles*Seagull - You Beauty is a Knife I Turn on my Throat


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Justus said...

Just want to say that I've been enjoying your 40 Blinks column for the Tyee. I also like the blog. How exactly do you get the mp3 links to play in the page? I just started using del.icio.us and haven't really figured it out yet.


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