Music Blogs Part Deux

First of all, I am Fuel, You Are Friends is quite clearly written by Heather Browne, a young woman. Sorry Heather.

Dreams of Horses

Something about the writing in this blog doesn't jive with me, but the music picks are muey bueno.

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands

This is Chad's blog. He's from Seattle. It's good.

Do Copenhagen

Great top banner. Eclectic taste.

Green Pea-ness

Wins the award for most words per entry. Seriously, every song is accompanied by an essay length rumination that is actually worth reading. So a step up from this blog in every way.

i guess i'm floating

Nice layout. (You can tell I'm running out of things to say. It's not that each blog isn't worthy in and of itself, but rather that I look at so many I stop distinguishing between them).

An Aquarium Drunkard

Generally regarded to be one of the earliest and one of the best. Currently hosting a lot of Dylan covers.

My Old Kentucky Blog

One of the first I heard about but not one I check very often. Skews towards the honky in the tonky.

chinese restaurant in the forest*

Chinese is always better.


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