Coldplay Day ... screw it.

I was going to post this entire album, but that was before I started listening to it and realized I didn't really like it. And while I may fancy myself a fairly creative sort, there are only so many ways to say you think something sucks. How much don't I like it? I deleted it from iTunes.

Besides, I'm much more into the Secret Machines album. I like to think of them as the anti-Coldplay, only because the bitter taste of that album is still in my mouth. You can listen to them on their site, or you can download the tracks from here - either way, get your hands on them. But don't take my word for it, just ask Pitchfork.

Think Pitchfork sucks donkey balls? Then maybe the Guardian's five stars will sway you.

Or you could listen for yourself.

The Secret Machines - Sad and Lonely


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