Makes The Great Gatsby Look Like Victor Hugo!

When I start to feel good about the world and where it's headed and the people in it, I take a look at this picture

and read this article and crawl into my bomb shelter waiting for the Lord's wrath to fall upon us.

"Lo the heavens were wrent with a terrible calamity."

Spy Films features work by Canadian directors, and videos by the Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, and that dancing car. Unfortunately they replaced their graphically simple and easy to navigate pages with slow-loading complication.

Bill Murray + Jim Jarmusch = This year's movie that shows everyone how amazing Bill Murray is, Broken Flowers. (Quicktime - right click and download)

Make a David Hasselhoff airplane.

Oh, you know you want one of these:

Somehow the genius at gaping void got inside Bush's brain:

About a year ago I made an announcement that I was going to write a novel, which is exactly the kind of announcement serious young men with English degrees are supposed to make. Suffice it to say I never wrote that novel. Every summer I like to spend a little of each day feeling bad that I'm not writing - it's the Hamlet school of successful life-planning. I came across the first page of notes I made about the novel, and I can't tell if it could be brilliant or a steaming pile of Danielle Steel. I really would like to find out.

A Novel Idea (Oh I kill me).

Download the latest Family Guy as a 31 MB Windows Media file. And then rub your hands with glee in anticipation of the direct to DVD Family Guy movie, Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.

(Click on Peter. Click I say!)

Coldplay is the new creamy soothing balm you rub all over your chafed and itchy thighs after a long day working in the hot sun hauling scrub brush to the weed pile in the backyard while the goddamn kids think it's funny to throw mudballs at the windows and the creepy meth-lab neighbors peek at you through their dark stained Levolor blinds as you imagine them storing up jars of pickled squirrel brains for the winter.


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