Worse than I thought

On his laptop in Fresno, California, Russell "Dutch" Boyd, the former child prodigy who stitched together this loosely knit crew of savants, is playing a few more hours of online No Limit Texas Hold 'em -- where you can bet your entire stack of chips on any card -- before getting behind the wheel for Las Vegas. At twenty-three, he's already been in "the life," the poker professionals' shorthand for the vagabond highs and lows of their existence, for five years, ever since he left Columbia, Missouri, behind, having already graduated from law school.

He graduated from law school at 18 to make a living...playing poker. After reading this article I can't tell if I should drop out now and go live in a van down by the river, or move to Surrey and get a head start on that mall job.


At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Dude, we can start our own firm out of a VAN! MacLachlan & Wong, Lawyers at Law. A travelling law firm, man. That's genius. "Legal troubles? Call MacLachlan & Wong, we'll come to YOU!" Pure gold.


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