He just killed Bono!

When I started writing about Coldplay, I had no idea they could turn brother against brother, friend against friend.

For some reason Jon Pareles' New York Times article asking "Is Coldplay the most insufferable band of the decade" (which is used in the above debate) has attracted the attention of conservative hacks everywhere.

Maybe it's because he hates America and freedom.

Or maybe because he named his daughter Apple.

Young Ryan, my blogging compadre, recently bemoaned the outlook for summer music releases. (He also took the "death" from the last Harry Potter behind the woodshed for some reality beating. I agree it was crap, but doubt that Sirius is going to make a return. She just can't write action scenes.)

In response, here is a highly edited list of what to expect in the coming months.



Esthero - Wikked Lil' Girls(28th)

Not sure about the title, but the guest list--Cee Lo, Andre 3000--is dy-no-mite!

Laura Cantrell - Humming by the Flowered Vine(21st)

I'm a sucker for beautiful singing voice. That's my excuse for going to not one, not two, but three Lilith Fairs. Damn you Sarah MacLachlan!!! Laura Cantrell has such a voice, and sings the old-style country of O Brother Where Art Thou.

Laura Cantrell - "Khaki and Corduroy"


Foo Fighters - In Your Honor(14th)

I don't usually mention this, but "I'm On Your Back" is one of my favourite songs to just chillax to. To which one can chillax? Whatever. I'm too stoned to know. However, when I see Double Disc without the words Rolling Stones or The Beatles I start to get worried.


Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Acoustic(13th)

Apparently it's been ten years since 16 million Americans took Miss Too Hot to Hold from Canadian obscurity to pop superstardom. In honour of that gross oversight, You Can't Do That on Television's most celebrated alumni is serving up this "stripped-down rerecording," on my birthday no less. At 30 Morissette has apparently completely run out of ideas.

Also coming like the plague:

Carrie Underwood (14th)
Backstreet Boys (14th)
Bo Bice (21st)
Billy Corgan (21st)


Bound to be Huge:

Kanye West - Late Registration(12th)

I listened to The College Dropout for about a month solid, and then never listened to it again. It was good summer candy, and hopefully this will be too.

Might be Interesting:

Frank Black - Honeycomb(19th)

The Pixies' frontman went to Nashville for four days and lay down tracks with some verteran session players. If that sounds good to you this could be your summer soundtrack.


William Hung - Miracle (Hung in the Sun)

I can't find any info about this online, but Billboard Magazine has it dropping in July. A look at his website shows a surprising resilience for the walking punchline.

Got the money to spend?

The Kills - No Wow (Bonus DVD)
Willie Nelson - Countryman
Tears for Fears - Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (Bonus Tracks)


All together now:

New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

The New Pornographers are one of those bands I feel I should like but really don't. But they're from Vancouver, play pretty good music, and have a lot of members. Listen to a cut from the new album on their website.

Rick James - I'm Rick James Forever



At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Fras said...

Less lame music talk and more something funny.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Lawyerlike said...

All of those releases you described prove my point. Crap crap crap.

I've had the Esthero now for a while, and it is boooooooring. Cee-lo aside, it's nothing like the last one.

At 12:32 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

Dear Fraser - Vegas baby! VEGAS!

Dear Ryan - yeah. Oh man...yeah.


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