Isn't this Since U've Been Gone?

The always excellent Said the Gramaphone has Arcade Fire covering the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Maps.

Arcade Fire - Maps

Listening to the new Ol' Dirty Bastard (love the posthumous hip hop trip), and there it is in the middle of the song: "Bitch better have my money." And suddenly I'm tired of that refrain. It's a great refrain, capturing one of the major dilemmas of the modern age. To paraphrase Chris Rock: see, the bitch has his money, and that is interfering with his economic viability in a racially hostile environment. Hence the term, Bitch better have my money. But to hear it in all of his songs makes Dirty sound paranoid, and ruins the chorus from his greatest work, Got Your Money. Easy Dirty - bitch has your money. Stop being so short cashed.

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Back in the Air (featuring Ghostface Killah)


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