Jesus is Magic

I saw The Aristocrats when it came out in the summer, and while many parts were funny my favourite part was delivered by Sarah Silverman. Silverman, who is also responsible for pissing off uptight Asian watchdog groups by saying "I love chinks" on Conan O'Brien, has a new movie out called Jesus is Magic. I've cobbled together her Aristocrats joke from various online sources (thank you Google):

"I don’t put the Aristocrats on my résumé anymore. It doesn’t take away from my pride. I actually was an Aristocrat. It’s kind of weird to be part of that legend. My father would come out onstage, the music would play, and he would start masturbating. My brother comes out, they'd do, like, a mutual masturbation, kind of like dueling banjos. They're holding hands and they spin. I stay in a stationary position; when the assholes came by, I would lick the assholes. And in one motion, my mother, both pinkies, up their assholes as they come. It's pretty spectacular, and it's all about timing. Joe Franklin loved the Aristocrats. He was, like, our rehearsal director when dad and my brother weren’t there. And my mother, and my nana—weren’t there. I was on his show. He said it wasn’t a 'taped show,' but we, like, did a show...It was his office, but he had a bed in it, like a couch, that he called Uncle Joe’s bed for little people, 'cause a couch is like a bed for little people, you know?


Joe Franklin raped me."


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