Worst album ever...?

I was perusing the backpage of the Georgia Straight when I came across an ad for the new Jamie Callum album, Catching Tales (oh, the double entendre!). Apparently a singer of some note in the UK, the ad described Young Callum as a "Sinatra in sneakers." It then invited the listener to imagine edgy covers and "jazz-rap hybrids," ending with "tracks that sound like a lounge-Coldplay!" (emphasis in original). Remember - this is an ad by people trying to sell the album. The conclusion seems obvious - this could be the worst album ever made.

Which means I will have to download it and provide you, loyal reader, with an assessment. Naturally this experiment will need a control - and since only Ryan admits to reading this blog, I guess that means you buddy. What's the worst album of all time?


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Lawyerlike said...

The fooking Kaiser Chiefs. That album just got worse with each track. Yikes.


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