Tom Waits

There's a story Tom Waits, the multi-talented artist, likes to tell about his wife. In the early days of their friendship they were both invited to a party, and she said she knew the way. As he drove she gave directions - turn left here, straight five more blocks. About half an hour into the trip it became clear that they were very lost. He asked her, I thought you knew the way. And she said, I don't. I just wanted to get lost with you.

This maudlin interlude is brought to you by Thomas' increasingly unstable emotional state.


At 1:14 AM, Blogger Mark said...

I like that story, but of course I would. Tom Waits belongs in a gritty graphic novel. Be interested to hear a story about him that doesn't match his persona at all: maybe he collects dried sweet-smelling flowers, or likes to spin in fields of grass until he collapses, dizzy and giggling.

I can't even believe how many people I know are having their interludes as of late. The show should be starting again sometime soon...


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