John Mayer likes to play guitar

John Mayer is a bit of a mystery to me. On the one hand, you have John Mayer on television, doing hilarious bits for Dave Chappelle and his own tv show, where he once stood in line at his own concert dressed in a bear costume and ridiculed his fans.

On the other hand you have John Mayer, purveyor of some of the crappiest music this side of Dave Matthews. (Hey, remember when we all pretended to like Dave Matthews? What was that all about?) Now he's gone and created a trio, which means he's only moments away from writing his own self-help book.

So here's some friendly advice - stop sucking so much. Clearly you're a funny guy, and possibly a talented guitarist. So stop sucking. You're compliance is thanks enough.

The very talented Jay Pinkerton runs a blog that is definitely worth checking regularly. His bible stories revisited are nothing short of genius. This look at a night at his girlfriend's parents is also pretty great.

Dinner with my girlfriend's parents


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