Wayback Wednesday's Triumphant Return

When I drove down to Mexico in 1992 there were two songs - Under the Bridge by the RHCP, and Tennessee by Arrested Development. We must have heard those songs a thousand times before we hit L.A. Naturally I was torn about liking either of them because I was a colossal nard. But that's another post.

Arrested Development went on to become nothing, the way Gnarls Barkley is pretty much headed. Which is too bad, because they had at least one great song and two other very good ones. Don't remember?

Arrested Development - Tennessee

Arrested Development - Everyday People

Arrested Development - Mr. Wendel

Soon Ray Lamontagne will gift us another album - until then, enjoy these unreleased cuts.

Ray Lamontagne - Write You a Letter

Ray Lamontagne - Carry Me


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