Wayback Wednesday

Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck? People tend to trot out this question when high on the hippie lettuce and sitting around someone's broke ass apartment at 4 in the morning. But for me, there isn't a question. It's Daffy all the way. Self-deprecating, self-sabotaging Daffy destroys cross-dressing, smarmy Bugs in all kinds of ways. Daffy is the Steve Buscemi to Bugs' Tom Cruise. Think of the characters: Duck Dodgers, Dorlock Homes, Robin Hood - classics each and every one.

Then Spielberg brought out Tiny Toons (and then the weirdly wonderful Animaniacs), and tried to force feed us a second helping of the same characters, this time re-magined as annoying adolescents. Tiny Toons' only contribution to the cartoon universe were two music videos for They Might be Giants' songs. Maybe it's just the genius of the songs themselves, but I love these clips. And once again, Youtube has provided.

Particle Man


Added bonus:

Duck Dodgers and the 24 1/2 Century

Second Half of "Deduce, You Say"

Duck Amuck


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Lawyerlike said...

Where did I read that duck amok was the most brilliant cartoon ever committed to celluloid. It's quite amazing.


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