Like he's never seen anyone dance before

I have an uncanny ability to make very simple things almost impossibly difficult. Unfortunately, this power makes me the least effective X-Men for any end-of-the-world scenarios. When I'm not busy not sleeping, I sit in the pile of detritus that is my wordly belongings and wonder why I own so much crap. I have, at a rough estimate, enough crap for five or six other people, so if anyone is looking for crap I'm your man.

I'm going to guess turning 30 has been messing with my mood.

I should wash dishes.

I should wash clothes.

I should buy food.

I should stop listening to music that reminds me how life is essentially a lonely business.

Rivers Cuomo - Annie's Song


At 9:10 PM, Blogger cwang said...

lol! how goes that i should list? dishes and clothes can wait... you can be messy... you can be smelly! but you can not eat!!!!!! ACK! the atrocity!


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