Get down with the gobble gobble

*Blog title by freestyling Voska Dour

Ah, Turkey. Turkey, turkey, turkey. Turkey...two times? That's how I roll yo. And if I have to go to three Thanksgiving dinners, so be it.

This weekend saw the most eating I've done since the Back to Back Chinese Weddings of '02. And the most pumpkin based products since the days of costumes with built in feet. Thanks to my sister for hosting an awesome dinner (yam and pecans and brown sugar = bomb diggety); to the Mahs for letting us crash their family meal (yam and pecans and brown sugar=bomb diggety); and to Catherine for hosting an orphan meal for all us vagabond urchins (this was the first Thanksgiving in memory I haven't spent with my parents who abandoned us for the Middle Kingdom).

Voska Dour brought a delicious medley of beets which was enjoyed both with and without sour cream. My vote - leave the cream for the taters. If you are still in the Thanksgiving mood visit his blog for a song that is all about being thankful.

Here is the weekend in Flickr style. (I love Flickr, but why does the uploader insist on reversing the order?)

Yin and Dorothy

Couples who feed each other are GROSS

The essential item

Blurry with love


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More turkey! Turkey go down the hatch!


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