Respect Copyright Activities Patch

I love it when reality totally overshadows any kind of fantasy which you or I or Warren freakin' Ellis could think up.

Remember boy scouts? I do. The fire starting. The are-you-a-pedophile leaders. The way everyone was named after characters from the jungle book. And the patches. Oh, the patches.

If you were to join the boy scouts now, there's an exciting new patch you can earn. The Respect Copyrights Activity Patch.

Isn't that what every boy dreams about? Getting into nature, catching some wild bootleg DVDs and promptly turning them in to the proper authorities. Man, that just gets the blood boiling.

As seen on BrooklynVegan.


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting... thats a skill we all need in the wilds of the urban jungle. I think they are trying to teach them while they are young... dont download music.


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