Take that, venerable music institution!

I'm not one to toot my own horn (Stop rolling your eyes! I said stop it!), but I would like to point out that I mentioned Victoria, BC's Wolf Parade a full two months before Rollingstone. I just wanted to mention that. That's all. (I said stop it.)

These tracks are iTune friendly.

Wolf Parade - We Built Another World

Wolf Parade - Fancy Claps

Oh, and they will be opening for a little band called Arcade Fire. Thanks to Ryan's nimble internet skills we have tickets (I don't know if he was nimble. He might merely have been dexterous. Also note that this mention of Ryan is to make up for the lack of posts about him from the H Bizzle. Oh, wherefor art thou Bazzalanator?)

Arcade Fire kinda crummy.

Nuh huh!

Debuut van het jaar!


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