Inside the Corporate Maw

Due to insanely bad design choices I was forced to change the template on my blog. I actually like this one a lot, so in the end my complete lack of design skill was an asset. Or something.

Currently I am a Contract Admin Specialist for Fluor. I know, I have no idea either. Every day I talk to people and words come out of my mouth and things get done. It's a little amazing.

Will get back to posting music soon for all you office drones out there, and am working on some video posts of The Boy Least Likely To concert and the Seattle trip with the Head Counsellor and Activities Director.

Long weekend.....booyah?


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Ravalette said...

RE: Paragraph 2
Kids in the Hall: Dave Foley (a businessman) gives a presentation "blah blah blah"(literally).
His internal thoughts are somewhere else other than the meeting.
His audience loves his proposal!
...story of my life...apparently yours too.

At 8:28 PM, Blogger cwang said...

ravalette: LOL! u r a (like my lack of actual words?) friggin crazy chika u know that?

Thomas: equally crazy duuude... and my dear god! ure working for the enemy!!!!! (fluor being engineers!!! DOUBLE GASP!!!!!!!!!)

At 3:13 AM, Blogger Thomas said...

TWO comments from architecture babes! This must be what Gehry feels like every day.


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