Catching Up - The Boy Least Likely To Concert

Hailing from the UK, The Boy Least Likely To are not only the creators of one of my favourite videos ever, they are also part of one of the coolest travelling bands you're likely to see - who else boasts an electric banjo and glockenspiel player?

And so it was on a cool Tuesday night some weeks ago that Charlie and I made our way down to The Plaza, wearing what we thought were some pretty excellent outfits for such an occasion. When we arrived we quickly realized we were outmatched, as it seemed every adorable couple and group of friends had arrived en masse. Even more disturbing, some enterprising souls had the foresight to purchase party hats with animal ears. We were properly shamed.

I took a peek at their setlist which indicated a song I'd never heard by them - "Faith." And when they took the stage after an excellent set by The Bicycles (a band which will get its own post later on), I forgot about this mysterious song...

...until they announced mid concert that, with only one album clocking in at 37 minutes, they needed to fill in their repetoire with covers. And that anyone who could tell them which song they'd be playing could spend the night with the bassist. Naturally I yelled the song over the crowd, at which point lead singer Jof Owen declared, "He cheated! He read the set list!"

(Sidebar: Jof Owen is totally adorable. Yes, I just called a man adorable. Yes, I am ok with this. First of all, his name is Jof. Jof. Second of all, he stomps the stage when he sings as a percussive effect. Thirdly he raises his hands and points at the sky, and occasionally he'll pound his heart. Yeah, I kind of want to marry him.)

And then they played "Faith" where Jof pointed at the sky and pounded his heart and when he got to the line "has a body like you" he POINTED AT ME.

Later on during the playful banter part of the set someone asked if they were married, and Jof joked that him and Peter were only friends. And then he said we're all single, except the bassist...and he nodded at me again. Alright, so maybe this was making me a little too happy. Sue me.

They ended with Be Gentle With Me and at the most exhuberant part bubbles flooded the stage.

During the concert the Cutest Couple in The World was standing next to us. And when we saw them again walking down Granville Charlie did the double point and yelled "You guys are awesome," and we got the "You guys are awesome" back.

Ok. That whole post was really fey. And I don't care one bit.

G's down and hos up!

For some great photos of the concert check out this blog. (Sidebar: I was also the person who told them they could be legally married in Vancouver).

There is an excellent video interview of the band at New and Used Records.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger Sm. said...

Jof may be yours, but Peter is so, so, SO mine.

Best Night Everrrrrrr?!!!

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Keri said...

You guys are crazy.

Thanks so much for the link and the props. No, it wasn't me with the bunny ears. They were to my left which means you were to their left.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Will said...

Always nice to be acknowledged by the band ... I thought they put on a rather fun show. Thanks for the link.


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