Guile Tryout - The Video

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Microsoft = ???

Recently Microsoft launched the Zune, a multimedia player that, depending on your allegiances, is either an iPod killer this Christmas or another failed attempt to dethrone Apple's best-selling device.

I don't really care either way. I have an iBook so I'm partial to the iPod; they have the added benefit of looking much better. What is interesting to me is the different advertising that each device has generated. iPod has the much-copied and satirized dancing silhouettes. Microsoft has what appears to be a penis on legs and a really disturbing eye creature, courtesy of Tokyoplastic.

Visit their site to see video of the two together. But not before you eat.

You can watch all the Zune ads here.


Why I want to be Radiohead

Owl Project



"Which was probably, Aaaahhhhhh!!!"

On Friday Ryan and I tripped the boards once again, this time in order to secure a place in the Guile Final - which we did with considerable aplomb, if I do say so myself. Check his blog for a better description of the event.

Here are some photos - video to follow soon.

So you're saying...be

Small, but rabid, fan base.


Well well well

So it's exam time, which means nothing better to do than try out websites I found on friends' blogs.



Now we're getting silly.


I want this from Threadless

The hoody. The white hoody.


Welcome to Vancouver

What we do on Fridays


Dance! Dance! Dance!

The best song played at the Hallowe'en party was far and away Sweet Caroline, which revealed its brilliance to me during the Natalie Portman lovefest that is Beautiful Girls. Hearing it surrounded by non-stop RnB and hiphop, musical styles of which I am not unfond, made me long for a club where they played something other than American Top-40 and Nelly Furtado.

I'll probably have to move to New York for that, so in the meantime here's a playlist of songs I'd like to hear in a club at some point before I'm too old to be in a club (so basically by tomorrow). Quite apart from all being kick ass songs, they're great Jesus-what-is-that-girl-doing-on-the-dancefloor tunes.

Gimme an Irregular Rhythm Playlist

1. Rinocerose - Cubicle

I came across this song in April, but a posting about the equally great video reminded me how much I like it. There needs to be a club in Vancouver where ladies will wear leather jackets and lose their minds to this.

2. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

Clearly this needs to be in the VAG, onyl the VAG when most of Vancouver isn't there. Oh, and it's been transported to Glasgow.

3. The Vines - Get Free

It's hard not to listen to this and wonder why we need a Nirvana cover band, but lead singer retardedness aside this song fulfills all the requirements of a good dancefloor rock song: good riff, good beat, and a chorus like verse that you can yell.

4. Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights

One of my favourite songs OF ALL TIME and made even better by making white suits seem so damn cool.

5. The Strokes - Last Nite

I tried to like this band but I don't. Much like The Vines and the Hives, I like its biggest song and then lose interest. But if you had this in the fivespot no way someone walks Romantic Rights. Mad dangerous.

6. The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So

White shoes. Skinny ties. Guy with 'stache. Ladies go nuts. Don't tell me this wouldn't blow a club up.

7. Hot Chip - Over and Over

I've posted this before but this definitely rounds out the evening. What you need is five girls who all know the song and who've come up with their own hand dance for it. Yeah, I said NEED.

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