Billy Joel never swore

All I know is - don't mess with Paul Anka.

"The guys get shirts!"


So this is what it all comes down to....

School is over. Even now I can't believe it, mostly because the exams were possibly the worst I've ever written. I thought I would get at least a month cushion before I had to face the reality of grades, but apparently law school doesn't like gaps in seisin - we get them on May 13th. And if you don't get that seisin "joke" consider yourself lucky.

So here I sit, jobless and prospectless and more than likely top half of the class-less, and I'm too numb to pay attention. My mind is totally separated from my body. However, it is not so numb to realize that a summer sans employment will mean a school year eating Kraft Dinner. Not to mention the scorn of children everywhere.

My friend Vanessa Richmond wrote an article about teachers leaving the profession. It features yours truly.


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A love unending...

Christian Song or Take That Hit Single or Both?

1. Don't Take Your Love

2. I Found Heaven

3. My Hope is You

4. Adore You

5. I've Always Loved You

6. Relight My Fire

7. Light the Fire Again

8. No One Loves Me Like You Do

9. All I Want is You

10. Getting Into You

11. Meaning of Love

12. Promises

Answers in the comments. (No cheating!)


Found Clock

The clever people at Blu Dot have created a desktop clock that uses found images, available for both Windows and Mac.

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Found Clock

Because they're so damn clever they've also made a film about its creation.

How to make a clock


I was looking at a list of referrers (Ryan - more people find me through you than any other source!), and apparently someone once linked to me from a blog run by three Catholic Students at the University of Maryland. From that site I found this gem:

"What these women understood, of course, is that womanhood requires a recognition of the female body's purpose and function and a life lived consistent with those biological truths. We women can't escape our womanhood (as pro-choicers would have us do). Instead, it is in embracing and respecting the female body - and recognizing the biological truth that a fetus is a unique human being - that we become most fully woman."

stop smoking

Usually I hate heavy handed ads, but this one is hilarious.



The slow scent of morning

11:17 AM. It's April 3rd. Ten dollars in this neighbourhood will buy you breakfast, if you like ten dollar breakfasts. Me, I prefer my breakfasts in the three dollar range, not because they taste better but because I'm poor. If I had the money I'd eat 20 dollar breakfasts, breakfast being my favourite meal. I'd eat expensive breakfasts and think about starving children in Africa.

If you're in San Francisco April 7, Seattle April 10, or Chicago April 16, check out Andrew Bird. He plays the violin like a mandolin and also happens to be a professional whistler. Click on the T to get an mp3. While you're at it, buy his new album The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

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There are a million stories in Sin City



One advantage of being in law school is having friends who work at movie theatres, and who get you into an advance screening of Sin City. This is probably not contingent on being in law school, but I'll take what I get.

Everything you've heard about the look and feel of this movie is dead on; it is a comic book come to life. Whether or not that's a good thing I leave to personal taste. As for me, I liked it. Because of the hackneyed and cliched dialogue, lifted directly from the source, the visuals often overshadowed the words. However, the acting was strong throughout, and the dialogue, at least in my mind, is just a further indication that we're not in Kansas anymore.

We start with the usually craptacular Josh Harnett given a chance not to suck for once, and he more or less pulls it off. Featuring the best use of a red dress in a black and white film since Schindler's List, the opening serves two purposes. It introduces a character who won't be important until the end, and it shows off what an amazing world you can make with CGI (take notes Mr. Lucas, it's called atmosphere). To quote Marv, these are the all or nothing days.

The Marv/Goldie storyline is probably the strongest, and its place at the beginning of the film might set the bar too high. It doesn't help that Mickey Rourke is acting his ass off in the greatest role of his spotty career. This segment also features the acting debut of both Jaime King's and Carla Gugino's (mom from Spy Kids) breasts. I couldn't help wondering, as the movie wound down, how good it could have been if every segment was this strong.

Benicio del Toro might be the coolest man alive.

The action in the movie and the gore is remarkable. Severed limbs, white blood and all, look more real than their Braveheart/Lord of the Rings counterparts. Even though the movie moves like a comic book, the utter lack of irony makes the action seem more real. When Hartigan (Willis) shoots off Junior's (Nick Stahl) gun hand, weapon one, and then gets rid of weapon two (hand cannon to the crotch), I actually jumped a little.

Devon Aoki is a pretty good actress. When she doesn't say anything.

The least effective part of the Dwight/Gail storyline is the idea that Clive Owen would leave her for Brittany Murphy. How can someone look like trailer spawn in each and every role she plays? What we do learn, from what in my mind is the weakest segment, is that Benicio Del Toro and Clive Owen should act in another movie together. Perhaps a Bond movie.

The Hartigan/Nancy segment more or less bookends the movie, and Willis once again shows that no one can whisper like he does. Jessica Alba, for all the hype surrounding her casting, is the least believable stripper since Ben Affleck, and has about five lines total. By far the star of this storyline is Nick Stahl, former junior, current Yellow Bastard. In a movie populated with sick freaks, he might be the freakiest (Although it's a toss up. Elijah Wood eats people).

Overall this movie is just fucking bad ass. It drags in places and might have been made better by a 15 minute cut. On the other hand, Sin City is such a crazy place the more of it the better.

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