Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all. Remember, the Pope wants your children! Better play nice with the old man.
Pope Appeals For World's Children

Now, when he says we should direct "our gaze toward all children who suffer and are abused in the world," he realizes how ridiculous that sounds coming from the head of the Catholic Church, right? I mean - HE KNOWS THAT, RIGHT?

He knows what's been going on...doesn't he?

Ah, I'm being cynical. Joy to all - peace on earth. And remember - you can take it back even without a receipt.

And this is definitely why Justin Timberlake is miles ahead of his other Mousketeers:


Lauryn Hill

Before Lauryn Hill made an appearance on Dave Chappelle's Block Party it seemed most people had forgotten all about her. But then she showed up on stage with Wyclef and that other guy (just kidding...Pras right? His name is Pras or something) and absolutely destroyed Killing Me Softly, misremembered lyrics aside. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill remains one of my favourite albums of all time, and is easily one of if not the best debut album EVAH - even considering that it remains really her only album.

How can you not love a video where a giant hand scratches the island of Manhattan?

And this is just ridiculous. Does anyone performing today even approach her?

Lauryn left and we got...Cassie. Keisha Chante. Fergie.

Come back Lauryn.

Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)

Lauryn Hill - Every Ghetto, Every City

Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything

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Cornelius - Fit Song

Amazing video, thoroughly annoying song.



What I want for Christmas

What you are looking at is a screenshot from Left Behind: Eternal Forces, in which you, a Christian soldier, must convert all the remaining non-believers...or you get to shoot them. No, you did not read that wrong. You either convert the heathens or blow them away. If you look closely you'll see a dead Muslim in the middle of the screenshot, and a party of understandably scared Jews huddled near the top.

But don't think it's just a free-for-all Christian killing spree! Every time you unleash God's wrath through your ArmaLite AR-50 you lose "spirit points," presumably because you're a homicidal maniac. Don't fret though - you can get those spirit points back by praying, just like in real life!
If you get too close to the rock musician, he will drain your spirit points by his mere presence. Just like in real life!

However, you do get the special power of swearing.

Eternal Forces dot com


3/5 done is fun

The guesses are in, and guessing will be open to anyone who wants to until marks are posted later in January. To date they are in ascending order:

Voska - 69

Mike B. - 70

Ryan - 71

Dave - 72

Katie - 74

Sharon - 75

Taeghan - 76

Fraser - 77

Rod - 79

I think I can safely say my mark won't be in the 50's...or in the 80's. So everyone still has a chance to win!


Admin mark update

I completely forgot that the exam is worth 80% of my mark. This means I have a pretty solid shot at not getting 55%. Sorry all you low bidders.

Speaking of bidding, I've just won this pair of shoes on eBay. Yes, that's how I ensure an Admin mark not above 70.

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New Blogger Development

So there's a new Blogger beta and it allows you to add labels to your posts - basically tags that then group all those posts together so someone interested in, say, downloading mp3s can find all the ones I've posted on the site. I might go back through the posts and label them all...or I might accept how unnecessary that probably is.

Try it - it's fun.


Admin Update

I just looked at last year's Admin exam and it literally took my breath away. IT REACHED INTO MY LUNGS AND REMOVED THE AIR.

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So true

Guess my admin score - win a prize

Since this year should prove to be my worst academic year ever, I thought I'd offer everyone a chance to profit off my test taking abilities - or lack thereof.

If you can correctly guess my Admin score you will win a prize - more than likely a bottle or two of something like this:

So far we have, in order from highest to lowest:

Fraser - 77
Sharon - 75
Ryan - 71
Mike - 70

A few factors to help you make a decision:

My marks in law school have ranged from 64-81.

I don't feel confident about it.

My preparation has been...nominal.

Good luck to everyone who guesses. Any guess below 55 or above 80 will be disqualified as outside the realm of probability.


Wayback Wednesday - Exam Edition

With my first exam in the first of four courses I know nothing about looming tomorrow, I thought I'd take a break from reading other people's CANs (thank you, generous law-folk) to post some music from the NOT SO DISTANT PAST that is near and dear to my heart.

The year is 1992. I won't post a picture of what I looked like, but let's just say it involved tight rolling my jeans.

ANYWAY - at the time I was playing this guessing game with a friend over what would be the next big hit single and I guessed this acappella version of Shai's "If I Ever Fall In Love Again," a song so ridiculously over the top in its sentiment (if man hooks up with woman again, woman will be a friend of his first), it makes Celine Dion look subtle.

Yet I love the song like an illegitimate child. Wait - like an illegitimate child who becomes an NBA star. Yeah. Like that.

Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love Again

Three years earlier the Fine Young Cannibals released this song. To this day I can't listen to it without remembering a certain grade eight Hallowe'en party where everyone thought I was Charlie Chaplin (I was the guy from A Clockwork Orange).

Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy

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Flight of the Conchords...studying grinds to a halt

I have to thank my good, Polish giant of a friend, Voska Dour, for introducing me to Flight of the Conchords, New Zealand's fourth best folk comedy duo. While Albi the Racist Dragon seems to be their best known work, I'm more inclined towards Think...Think About It, a Marvin Gaye-esque social commentary on the problems facing the world's children, both real and imaginary, today.

"A man is lying on the street some punk has chopped off his head."