Any time I feel down

I just read this.

"OK, America, you done fucked up again. Things got a little out of hand, and you went and blew up another country. Now you got everybody all mad at you, and you don't know what to do. Well, don't worry, America. Ike's been down this road before, and I know exactly how to handle it. You better listen to what I'm telling you, America. Ike knows what he's talking about, and Ike's willing to help you out as long as you do exactly what Ike says and stop being so stubborn. You dig?"

Ike Turner's Guide to Restoring America's Honor

Why pictures are worth a thousand words

Mah House BBQ 16


Mariah = World Peace

One love y'all. One love.


Able and Baker rule

able and baker 549
able and baker 549,
originally uploaded by onegoodtum.
How I love this monkey. Click on the little image for the full sized comic. And read all the Able and Baker here.


And 1

The Contours - Just a Little Misunderstanding

Wayback Wednesday - on a Friday

Yo - here it be. The sounds to send you into the weekend.

After an impromptu breakfast with the J-Hova (man, I can't believe I've known him that long and never called him that), I was reminded of the greatness that was the Leaders of the New School.

What's Next - Leaders of the New School (Kano-1 Remix)

Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest feat. Leaders of the New School

He also reminded me that you really needed to go back 15 years to get to the heyday of hiphop - the Golden Age as it were. I decided to dip back even further, 18 years, to call up this seminal anthem.

Public Enemy - Don't Believe the Hype

But it's time to be true to who I was back then, and the kind of music I was actually listening to. Which can mean only one thing - men with guitars, long hair, and plaid.

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (acoustic)

Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby

Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart

Alice in Chains - No Excuses


The Contours - Do You Love Me?

Enjoy your weekend. VOSKA DOURS!


Best New Music: Lily Allen - Aug 1.

You are named Louis? But I am also named Louis!

We are three famous French people...all named Louis!

If you haven't seen Home Movies I can't even begin to explain this to you.

from "Director's Cut"

Brendon: Are you Louie Braille?
Jason: Yes.
Brendon: Say ‘oui’!
Jason: Oh…oui!
Brendon: Mister Braille, how are you today?
Jason: Blind!
Brendon: Oh! It’s a cruel world…
Jason: I invented a new way for blind people to read!
Brendon: Magnifique! What do you call it?
Jason: Braille! Get it?
Brendon: Ouuuiiii!!!! I am calling my discovery Pasteurization! Get it?
Jason: No.
Brendon: My name, is Louis Pasteur-
Jason: Now I get it! We are great men.
Brendon: The world owes us a lot, but we ask for very little in return.
Jason: I asked only for a house on the Riviera with a view.
Brendon: A view??! But you are blind!
Jason: Well everyone in my family is not blind. What do you think, we are just a bunch of blind people?
Brendon: No. I’m sorry. I’ve been under a lot of stress Louie.
Jason: You mean lately…
Brendon: I thought your name was Louie.
Jason: You’re right, I’m sorry.
Brendon: We are two great men from France both named Louie!
Jason: It was great meeting you, Louie.
Brendon: And great meeting you, Louie. I must get back to my lab-
Jason: I don’t have a lab!
Brendon: You can use mine.
Jason: It’s a cruel world...you said I could use it?
Brendon: Yes.
Jason: It’s not such a cruel world after all!

Calculator watches - so pimp right now

Wayback Wednesday has been further delayed - it's looking like Wayback Friday at the earliest. Not having any internet at home is excruciating. There have been so many times over the last three days where I've had a small ridiculous question with NO WAY OF FINDING OUT THE ANSWER. Oh Wikipedia - why hast though forsaken me?


Wayback Wednesday - delayed

Alas, the free internet party at my place ended some nights ago, so this week's Wayback Wednesday will be delayed probably until tomorrow. You'll just have to look elsewhere for your Stone Temple Pilots fix.

I totally stole this idea from McSweeney's:

Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

1. Cocaine
2. Orgies
3. Big Game Hunting
4. Real Estate
5. Giant Televisions
6. Gambling
7. Trophy Wives


One potato. Two potato. Three potato. Pork.

Actual and Made-Up Adages Used to Promote the Consumption of Pork

I was going to write a post today starting with "What is possible between two people," but then I got so sick of reading my words that I wanted to hurl my computer out the 6th floor window of this Arthur Erickson monstrosity. (I'm sorry Christine - this building is weak.) Let's just say there's a time for personal reflection and there's a time to break sh!t. And this is the latter time.

Does anyone know where I can find a batting cage in Vancouver? Or possibly a place where men get drunk and beat the living bejeezus out of each other? What's that called again? Oh right - Surrey.

On a different note I've set up a Flickr Pro account and have been uploading every photo I can find onto it. The pics are probably of interest to no one except the people in them - and I think those people know who they are. There's also a set of birthday photos where I appear to be the only person at the party. I do seem to be having a good time though.

My Flickr


McSweeney's Lists Make the Day Smoove

Secret Canadian
Superweapons in

- - - -

Titanium Mountie

Canadarm face slapper

Ballistic beavernauts

120 mm maple-syrup mortar

Peacekeeping robot that attacks you by surprise

Bioengineered crazy lumberjack choppers

McSweeney's Lists


Wayback Wednesday - Mariah, Warren G, TFF

Ah the 80's. So care-free. So fashion ignorant. So much stirrup pants. I miss the 80's, mostly because it marked the last time I was clearly younger than the bands I liked. The 80's gave us some great TV (A-Team, Facts of Life), great movies (Top Gun, Commando), and of course, great music.

Tears for Fears is the kind of band you either love or hate. No one casually listens to Tears - they're too maudlin to throw on during a party, or have in the car unless you really love them. A recent outing to the Media Club reminded me that under the right circumstances one could in fact dance to these wildly coifed malcontents.

Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Back when Gangsta Rap became the scourge of white suburbia, a new sound was emerging from the West Coast in the form of mellow advocates Snoop Dogg and the vastly underrated Warren G. Add the smooth tone of Nate Dogg and you had the anthem for 1993.

Warren G feat. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg - Regulate

Finally, a tribute to that group of drunk 20-something guys down at the beach who were busting out the Mariah - you guys rocked that pile of sand! And when Ms. d'Hibou got up on the bench and broke it down, well - Summer Anthem '06.

Mariah Carey - Always Be My Baby


112 - Dance With Me


Catching Up - The Boy Least Likely To Concert

Hailing from the UK, The Boy Least Likely To are not only the creators of one of my favourite videos ever, they are also part of one of the coolest travelling bands you're likely to see - who else boasts an electric banjo and glockenspiel player?

And so it was on a cool Tuesday night some weeks ago that Charlie and I made our way down to The Plaza, wearing what we thought were some pretty excellent outfits for such an occasion. When we arrived we quickly realized we were outmatched, as it seemed every adorable couple and group of friends had arrived en masse. Even more disturbing, some enterprising souls had the foresight to purchase party hats with animal ears. We were properly shamed.

I took a peek at their setlist which indicated a song I'd never heard by them - "Faith." And when they took the stage after an excellent set by The Bicycles (a band which will get its own post later on), I forgot about this mysterious song...

...until they announced mid concert that, with only one album clocking in at 37 minutes, they needed to fill in their repetoire with covers. And that anyone who could tell them which song they'd be playing could spend the night with the bassist. Naturally I yelled the song over the crowd, at which point lead singer Jof Owen declared, "He cheated! He read the set list!"

(Sidebar: Jof Owen is totally adorable. Yes, I just called a man adorable. Yes, I am ok with this. First of all, his name is Jof. Jof. Second of all, he stomps the stage when he sings as a percussive effect. Thirdly he raises his hands and points at the sky, and occasionally he'll pound his heart. Yeah, I kind of want to marry him.)

And then they played "Faith" where Jof pointed at the sky and pounded his heart and when he got to the line "has a body like you" he POINTED AT ME.

Later on during the playful banter part of the set someone asked if they were married, and Jof joked that him and Peter were only friends. And then he said we're all single, except the bassist...and he nodded at me again. Alright, so maybe this was making me a little too happy. Sue me.

They ended with Be Gentle With Me and at the most exhuberant part bubbles flooded the stage.

During the concert the Cutest Couple in The World was standing next to us. And when we saw them again walking down Granville Charlie did the double point and yelled "You guys are awesome," and we got the "You guys are awesome" back.

Ok. That whole post was really fey. And I don't care one bit.

G's down and hos up!

For some great photos of the concert check out this blog. (Sidebar: I was also the person who told them they could be legally married in Vancouver).

There is an excellent video interview of the band at New and Used Records.


Wayback Wednesday

I've decided to set myself a blogging schedule, because having a blog just isn't geeked out enough. Ever since my Tyee column wrapped up I've been feeling a bit of a writing gap that simply writing about myself wasn't going to fill.

So from now on Wednesdays are going to be dedicated to music from my past, going back at least five years. Sundays will be photographs and Mondays are videos, or something, or nothing. Twice a week might be more than enough. And of course I'll occasionally rant or write about politics...no I won't. If you somehow stumbled here wanting someone's musings on law school, try here.

I used to have a friend named Chris. I say used to because he disappeared into the mountains of Coquitlam and was never heard from again. Now along with winning back to back Jack & Jack jives at the UVic Ballroom Dance Gala, Chris and I share another talent: we both know all the words to Young MC's seminal classic, Bust a Move. A heartfelt story of the search for young love, Bust a Move defined the early nineties until grunge rid the world of hip hop for about six months. (Or maybe hip hop imploded - MC Hammer anyone?) Unfortunately I found myself caught up in the whole Pearl Jam/Nirvana/Soundgarden wall of plaid, and it is only recently that I've rediscovered my love for songs that make the ladies get low.

So here's a little playlist of songs that make me forget I hate people and convince me that waiting in line to pay 20 bucks to dance maybe isn't so bad after all.

The Throw Dem Bows Mini Playlist

Young MC - Bust a Move

Coolio - 1,2,3,4

Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money, Mo Problems feat. Mase

Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack

Lil Jon - Get Low

Chamillionaire - Ridin Dirty

Ludacris - Stand Up

112 - Dance With Me