Campfire Sing Along

The Head Counsellor's Camp Awesome Theme Song:

Weezer - Island in the Sun

Wes Anderson American Express Commercial


Les Musiques Plus Fantastiques

Camp Awesome Activities Director Theme Song:

Rod Stewart - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?


Camp Awesome Commence

Camp Awesome officially started this week, and in honour of this I, the official Camp Awesome Chaplain, offer up this bit of knowledge.


The NO SNAG RULE. Simply put, NSR stands for never being caught out. As everyone knows, good things start from the ground up. So take heed of the shoes. Don't wrap your dawgs in rotten banana cream pie. NSR means that if you can't take a road trip to Seattle, you can still take one to Chilliwack for the pie. Pie is a common theme. NSR. Live it.

I further offer up the following ditty as the Chaplain's choice for Camp Awesome Theme Song. Since each member may pick his or her own theme, this is only mine. I will host any other theme songs that are suggested, creating...THE CAMP AWESOME THEME PLAYLIST. Crank it on the 'Pod or rip and burn to CD. Either way - get happy.

The Chaplain's Camp Awesome Theme Song:

Electric Light Orchstra - Mr. Blue Sky


Can't stop geeking out

The man is living the dream

Usually I don't know why I'm in law school, but I cope...until I come across this guy and see how he's living the dream. And then the terrible, terrible jealousy sets in.

Make sure to listen to his mp3s:

Casionova: I'm a CasioBoy

He also makes music on the Gameboy.


There are few things in life as inherently satisfying as sitting on a deck, drinking and eating, while the sun beams down for one of the 60 or so days in Vancouver that don't suck.

And one of those things is doing all that AND BEING FINISHED EXAMS. But I wish those people no ill will, mostly because I am now the proud possesser of not one, but TWO Casiotone MT-35s. Doesn't sound familiar?

Image hosting by Photobucket

OH HELLS YES. Why two, you ask? To quote Mike Lee - the same reason why you don't buy one banjo.

That's right - dueling. Oh, there will be dueling.


You know you're in a particular place

when a video like this can make you ridiculously happy. (Shut it Katie).


Ten Thousand and Change

So I'm geeked out like this and I run a blog counter which tells me the number of people who stumble across this blog looking for...questionable content. And I just noticed today that the hits counter passed ten thousand, buoyed by the 138 hits on Saturday. Considering how infrequently I post, and the general lack of quality contained in each one, I can only attribute this to a Google malfunction.


Ray Covering Gnarls Covering the Wounds of my Heartattack Jack

Haven't jumped on the Gnarls Barkley bandwagon yet? Grab some tunes off the Hype Machine and listen to what will undoubtedly be THE album of the summer. Remember - you heard it here last.

Even better is this cover posted by Stereogum. Ray Lamontagne covering Gnarls Barkley? Oh be still my beating heart.


Things Learned at Superstore

1. Spent $140. Food bought - 4 bottles San Pellegrino, one bag chopped vegetables, one box salad mix. Superstore does not sell food.

2. Interracial couples will one day rule the world. And declare me their king. It'll happen.

3. If you mumble to yourself but are otherwise a well-dressed, respectable looking young man, old women will be confused and children will want to follow you.

4. "These were 2 for $1.98, but I only bought one. See, I figured it wasn't a sale price. It's just a way for them to get you to buy two." Well done Sherlock. Well done.

5. Your line-up strategy doesn't work if both of you are in the same damn line. For the love of...

6. Jess wants Nick back so bad, but Nick is like no way.


Why some people will be the king, and some the village idiot

Anthony Bourdain, in Kitchen Confidential, writes about a cook named Scott Bryan who works at Veritas in New York. Other cooks when talking about him get a look on their faces, knowing that not only weren't they doing what Bryan does, but they wouldn't do it. This became clear for me when sitting in the library, surrounded by people so eager to be there they were practically exploding. Not only don't I do what the gold medal hoohas do - I won't do it. I can't.

So I do this instead:




We all gots the disease

At the risk of becoming a music blog, or a music covers blog, I am posting more songs today. Because people need the music, and the people are stressed and pulling out the hair and gnashing the teeth. There is great tribulation in the law school. Here's the cure.

The Magic Numbers - Crazy in Love

The original is so good it leaves one wondering what could possibly be accomplished by covering it? All I know is this song is making me inordinately happy. When the girls sing the part by themselves it's total - aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - When You We're Mine

I had no idea this is a Prince song, but since it's the only song by this group I can stand it makes sense. Happy sad music is my favourites.