At bat

Best intro music hands down: Macho Man Randy Savage's "Pomp and Circumstance." When he came into the ring with that crazy music playing, you knew awesomeness was going to follow. You knew he was going to talk like he was passing a kidney stone. You knew at some point he was going to raise his glasses and give his opponent the serial killer look of impending doom. You knew that anyone who chose "Pomp and Circumstance" as his intro music must have a little extra going on upstairs.

I'm no athlete--ask anyone on the Circus hockey team--but if I was I'd have to choose baseball as my sport. Why? Because it allows you to have an intro song. Now I think only relief pitchers get to have one...or possibly I'm making the whole thing up. But since I'm pretending to be a professional baseball player, who cares?

So here's the scenario: bottom of the 9th, the visiting team up by a run, tying run on second with two outs. Next up to bat: Thomas "Boomstick" Wong, wearing number 44. The crowd starts to go nuts. As I walk towards homeplate you can hear the start of a persistent chant, "Boomstick, boomstick, boomstick..."

And then, over the PA:

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

The crowd goes nuts. As I step into the batter's box, I raise my bat and point it at the crowd, holding it like a tommy gun. Everyone in the first ten rows goes down like they've been shot. The pitcher winds up, delivers. I don't even get into my stance. Strike one. Next pitch is right down the middle again. Strike two. Now I look at the pitcher. I give him the Andy Petitte glare. He steps off the bag, trying to shake it off, but now I'm in his head. When he delivers the next pitch the runner on second is already trotting to third. He knows what time it is - Boomstick time.


So metaphysical it hurts my brain

According to various internet sources, one of Google's top search terms--usually in the top ten--is "Google." In other words, people are using Google to search for itself.

Now I often use the Google toolbar when I don't want to type in a url, especially a lengthy one. It's actually just slightly easier to type in the word and click the link. But using Google to look for Google is like riding a bike to the gym so you can ride a stationary. At best, somewhat bizarre. At worst - pathologically inane.


Where's the beef?

Thought I'd try a different font to shake things up. Ooooh - look at this crazy font change!

With the Guile debate only a few days away I've hit a bit of a snag - namely, I don't feel funny at all. The timing is, shall we say, a bit craptastic.

That's really all I have to say. I'm giving myself another 12 hours and then I'm just ripping things off from Chappelle.


No One Wins

Now that all but one of my marks has come out, I can declare that no one has won the guess my admin mark challenge. Unfortunately for me, everyone guessed too high. Yes - even Voska Dour.